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Ride the wave of the New Conscious Parenting Movement as a Parenting Coach

Experience the radical freedom, connection and prosperity that becoming a Conscious Parenting Coach provides

Jolette Jai


We’ve Identified Why Conscious Parent Coaching Is on The Rise and How you Can Massively Benefit From It

  • How to have the deepest, most fulfilling relationship with your child without compromising your values as a parent.  
  • How to have time freedom for your children without sacrificing your life.  
  • How to have a consistent stream of income without having to go to work and leave your children for the entire day.  
  • How to turn your parenting into a soul-filled career even if that seems like a ridiculous proposition right now.  
  • How you can ride the wave of the fastest-growing niche in the Coaching Industry.  

If you feel that parenting is the most important thing that you will ever do and you thrive on having more harmony and abundance in your family, then this training is for you...